Daily Choices

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Life often seems made of decisions. All day long, we make hundreds of little choices – when to think about this, when to do that, how we speak to so and so. Sometimes, at the end of the day, I often will sit back and wonder how I did. I’ll drive home for work, replaying the day, the conversations, the work I chose to accomplish and what I left for the next day – sometimes, I’m good with it and sometimes, not so much.

It’s been said,  Great decisions are found at the intersection of just enough speed, just enough information and just the right context.” 

To this, I would add, trust. Trust that what I did today was the best I could and that tomorrow will be another chance to get it right.

One thought on “Daily Choices

  1. I once heard a sermon on the text, Acts 15:28: “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us…”.

    The main idea was that if our relationship with the Lord is on as good terms as possible walking in the light as God gives us the light, then we should make our decisions as it seems good to us and trust that God will continue to give us grace in the future as in the past.

    Trust. Faith. Grace. God’s Providence. The bottom line of life is a line traced along these points.

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