Mormon Pastor


So, yesterday, after I got back from work, I was cleaning up listening to the RNC speeches off and on the radio as I did some busy work around the house. What caught my attention was the speech given by Mitt Romney’s pastor about his pastoral work. It struck me because of how I have experienced the LDS church. 

I grew up with the understanding that Mormons were not Christians, they worshiped a different Jesus and all that. However, that is not how I have experienced the LDS Soldiers and families that I have met since coming into the Army. Clearly, they love Christ.

It should be noted that I don’t agree with Romney’s politics or the GOP worldview, but I really enjoyed hearing about his work as a Ward Pastor. 

The LDS church has a lay ministry. There is no “clergy class” or even paid clergy. When Romney was the ward pastor, as all ward pastors are (including multiple Army officers and NCOs that I’ve met) called to do that work, they do it in addition to their own jobs. Its a sacrifice. Coming from a tradition that was founded on lay ministers on the frontier, I appreciate the emphasis that ministry is for everyone in the church. All Christians are called to work the work of the Faith. 

I appreciate that Mr. Romney highlighted his faith in his quest for the office.